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About Us

BCO LYON SA is an independent Multi-Client Family Office with an history dating from 1968:

  • we are the side of families with multifaceted ownership and asset structures;
  • we provide an holistic advice beyond traditional wealth management;
  • we value the trust of client relationships with ramification in Switzerland, Europe, Asia, North and South America
  • we deliver a broad range of family office services and multi-asset class investments worldwide.


What we do, that matters

All necessary answers in a single trusted partner, to favor a long lasting relationship.

Trust, dynamism and transparency, as well an extensive experience in banking and financial sector are at our customers disposal.

Bank Relationships Assessment

  • Targeting the best financial institution to match up client needs
  • Fees assessment and optimization
  • Monitoring of bank terms and conditions
  • Supervising the correct trade execution

Assets Monitoring and Reporting

  • Investment evolution monitoring
  • Supervision of third parties performance
  • Verification of compliance with investment directives
  • Consolidated report of assets (bankable and non bankable)

Ancillary Services

  • Cash management and forex
  • Conciergerie services
  • Arts appraisal and brokerage
  • Arts insurance and special storage
  • Luxury goods insurance

Family Organization

  • Family governance and guidelines outline
  • Family investment committee
  • Education planning
  • Real estate scouting, appraisal and management
  • Paper administration and archive
  • Payments and Accounting
  • Relocatione
  • Life insurance
  • International medical insurance

Company Management

  • Board of directors presence
  • Company governance
  • Strategy, management and development
  • Internationalization
  • Corporate finance
  • Project management
  • Relocation
  • Administrative assistance with authorities
  • Directors insurance

Defining Investment Targets

  • Financial Knowledge and Experience assessment
  • Personalized analysis and characterization of investment goals
  • Risks / Returns tolerance
  • Strategic Asset Allocation outlining and sharing
  • Periodic reassessment investments objectives

Risk Management

  • Portfolio evolution analysis
  • Portfolio stress scenarios
  • Exhaustive analysis of risks (VAR, benchmarking, ...)
  • Periodic portfolio rebalancing

Business Hub

  • Extensive network of business partners in Europe, Asia, North and Latin America
  • Consolidated and exclusives partnerships in the financial and industrial sectors
  • Strategic partner research
  • International expansion and relocation
  • Legal, tax, auditing advisory


  • Selection of the best financial institution to realize SAA objectives
  • Implementation of the defined investment strategy
  • Tactical Asset Allocation managements
  • Best Execution review
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Contact Us

Thank you for your inquiries and comments.
Please note that information entered into this form is transmitted to BCO LYON SA.

Legal note

The use of e-mail can involve substantial risks such as lack of confidentiality, we therefore kindly ask you to not insert any sensitive data, account numbers or figures.
BCO LYON SA assumes no responsibility for any loss or damage resulting from the use of e-mails.
BCO LYON SA does not accept any instructions for business transactions, payments order, trading instructions, revocations of orders or authorizations, changes of personal information, etc., via this channel.For these purposes, please contact us personally and directly.
By providing your personal information, as name, telephone number and e-mail address, you explicitly authorize BCO LYON SA to contact you via uncripted channels as email or phone

Where we are

  • via Stefano Franscini, 40
    6900 Lugano
  • Switzerland
  • +41 91 910 27 00
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